Month: October 2006

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From the Just Hanging On Files:

School is great plus or minus a few off days. Today we played battleships in Algebra but instead using the traditional letter-number grid format, we practiced coordinate geometry. Instead of B4, for instance, they say (2,-4). We played boys-versus-girls. The losing team had a minor-league homework assignment over the weekend. My first period class had a nail-biter straight to — I’m serious — the last shot. Watch for the highlights on Sports Center, they were that crazy.


Where’s Waldo?

As I greeted students outside Geometry today, I heard JG yelling my way:

Heyyy, I found WALDO!

But what can you teach teachers?

I gave my talk twice today … once in a cafeteria full of teachers and once in my pajamas to a room full of nobody. The one with the teachers felt much better.