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Geometry – Week 1 – 2007

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  2. points, lines planes, collinear, congruent, congruency
  3. midpoint formula
  4. angles, protractors, acute, obtuse, pool table geometry
  5. free powerpoint geometry lesson plans

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One: here’s the original Who I Am AppleWorks file. I realize no one uses AppleWorks. More people skate on rollerblades nowadays than use AppleWorks but I don’t know of any alternatives except Pages which (sorry, Tim) scares me.

Two: I realize this blog carries with it a self-assured vibe which some find smelly and unearned. I want to admit again that the first day of school makes me feel woozy and weak. I have no answers, only activities which have sucked less than others.

The only thing I know for sure is that my kids will work from bell to bell. I’ll give them index cards at the start of class. They’ll find their seats. There will be questions on the overhead. Whatever activities we do, I’ll cross my fingers on the not-sucking issue, but we’ll be doing them until the very end of class. This matters so much. Only the rest of the year depends on it.

Three, Alice updated the first day wiki with some cool PowerPoint slides for high turnover classes. That’s it. That’s the wisdom of crowds. Two people. Me and her. Intertubes 2.0 fails me. Back to my cave.

Thanks, Rich.

‘While back, Rich linked a 3D exercise which is pretty well appropriate for any age. You start with a paper circle and at the end, after a fair amount of collaboration, team-building, and discussion, you’ve got this sweet icosahedron. Along the way you review a couple hundred geometry concepts and their properties, tattooing down names, facts, and figures, anything that comes to your class’ collective mind, anything from “isosceles trapezoid” on to “snowcone” and “taco.”

My first period, I got too excited as the icosahedron grew and took too central a role in the connecting/taping process. During the second class, I didn’t touch it. Instead, with ten minutes left in class — just enough time to finish if the class was motivated — I scooped some errant stack of papers off my desk and announced, “I’ve got your homework assignment for Memorial Day Weekend right here. I’m willing to cancel it [reluctant pause] IF you guys can make the icosahedron before the bell rings.” [cue frantic team-forming, leadership-role-assuming, fun-having, and homework-canceling].

So thanks, man.

If you’re dying like I am here, it’s a low-stress and low-impact way to fill a thirty minute bloc without falling prey to the pro forma time wasters: games, movies, and parties. I extracted the relevant bit from a larger pdf.

Come for:

  1. Classification of solid shapes.
  2. A nice self-contained classwork set + visuals.

Stay for:

  1. The start of our prep routine for state testing.
  2. The question: how does one teach Geometry without a digital projector? Do you have to draw these tricky solids by hand?

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Come for:

  1. Some difficult Pythagorean Word Problems
  2. A discussion of the distance formula.

Stay for:

  1. Some really pretty slide work.
  2. Some really sturdy distance formula scaffolding.

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