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Stephen Downes wrote up a useful and comprehensive guide for getting the most value from your experience at conferences. Halfway through, he offers a lovely note on nervousness:

One more tip: love your audience. I know that this may sound weird, but it really does work. When you love your audience, when your focus is on how well you can give your gift to them, everything else melts away. Just remember: they are there to hear you (if your a keynote, they actually invited you and paid your way – how could you not love them? How could you have any doubt that they really want to hear what you have to say?

Agreed. Before I go in front of a group, if I remind myself how much I love the work we do and the people we work with, I have a blast. If I focus on performance and the mechanics of public speaking, I’m a wreck.

Also. 1 John 4:18:

There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.

That Was Bananas

Many thanks to all of you who stopped by and contributed to a provocative session this Saturday. It was a real treat. If you’d like to see an outline of what we did, check out the digital handout. Next up is a nap. Next next up is some plan for all this footage.

I did a twenty-five minute presentation for Apple’s Summer Semester followed by two shorter tutorials. (“Analytic Geometry” and “Mathematical Storytelling.”) If you and I didn’t run into each other at one of my talks this summer, please consider this a good, quick summary of my recent work. Questions? Comments? Please let me know.

10:00AM PDT. It should be fun. If you can’t make it, Apple is archiving it and I’ll post the link later.

2011 Aug 28: You can access the webcast at this link. I’m the second speaker. I also contributed two tutorial: “Analytic Geometry” and “Mathematical Storytelling.” Tutorial from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

After the third day at NCTM I wrote:

It struck me several times throughout both conferences that we need to counter-program a session across from the “Newcomer’s Orientation.” I’m not talking about “Rolling Your Own Backchannel with Twitter.” Scale that back. Way back. Something more like, “How to Make National Presentations a Lot Less of a Chore for Presenters,” featuring URL shorteners, Delicious, PDFs, basic FTP. maybe You name it.

I wrote that, largely, on behalf of these two presenters, both of whom seemed stymied by the task of distributing resources (links, in Leinwand’s case; PDFs in Becker’s) to a large group.

Note the “virtual handout” solution from Leinwand:

And the paper-chair-piles from Becker:

So I created a quick tutorial introducing them to Is there a contribution you can make to this conference pre-session?

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