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Keynote Camp #1: Vignettes

I realized awhile ago that Keynote is the best tool I own. It's powerful. It's simple. It has crashed once in the six years I've used it (no exaggeration) even though my file sizes routinely run up to half a gigabyte. I use it for workshops, for keynotes, for classes, for mocking up web pages and web apps.

In Florida and Atlanta, a couple of people asked for some behind-the-scenes details on the presentations themselves. I promised those people I'd explain some of the techniques here.

In this first tutorial, I describe an effect I use frequently to highlight various parts of a slide.

Keynote Camp #1: Vignette from Dan Meyer on Vimeo.

2011 Nov 27. Here's another application of this technique. I wanted to excerpt some text from Polya's How to Solve It by moving up and down a page of his book and fading those sentences in and out. If you want to pull apart the Keynote file itself, you can have at it.

2011 Nov 27. And one more application: Endless Lists.