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The judges’ prize goes to Michael Pershan’s What if Khan Academy was Made in Japan?, followed by Kate Nowak’s critique of Khan Academy’s lecture on the coordinate plane, and then to Susan Jones’ faithful homage to MST3K’s talking robots. Dr. Tae’s sharp critique of Khan Academy’s enthusiasm for gamification won the People’s Choice Award. Each […]

There were twenty-eight responses to the call to critique Khan Academy’s house style. My co-judge, Justin Reich, and I are debating their merits in a smoke-filled room, particularly along the “enlightening” and “entertaining” axes. We’re inviting you to weigh in on the results also and issue a People’s Choice Award. Visit this survey and give […]

Sal Khan, responding to our #mtt2k contest in a (paywalled) article in the Chronicle of Higher Education: There’s always the critique that Khan Academy is not pedagogically sound, that we’re procedural-based, focusing on mechanics without base understanding but I actually think we’re the exact opposite of that. [..] With procedural, worked problems: That’s how I […]

The MTT2K Prize

Let me just point you to Justin Reich’s post on The MTT2K Prize he and I are co-sponsoring and co-judging. I only want to add a +1 and maybe a smiley face next to this sentence: As far as I’m concerned, MTT2K has brought all kinds of good to the world. I’d like to see […]

In case you missed it, Justin Reich and I are co-sponsoring the #mtt2k prize and the eligibility window for applications closes August 15. Upload some commentary on a Khan Academy video to YouTube and tag it #mtt2k. You could win a few hundred dollars to take the missus or the mister to the boardwalk before […]

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