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CMC-North: Session Line-Up!

[BTW: Owing to a death in my family, I had to cancel my participation in CMC-North this year.]

CMC-North a/k/a Asilomar is on us and my expectations are impossibly high. I’m not heavy into conference-going so take this for what it’s worth but CMC-North is my favorite meet-up of educators all year.

Here’s where I’ll be Friday through Sunday. If you’re going, drop a line in the comments. If you spot an omission in my schedule, drop a line in the comments. The indented bullets reflect a back-up session in case my primary turns into a snooze or a pitch for Scientology or something.


Lucy West, Academic Discourse It Ain’t Just for Kids — Keynote


Ed Zaccaro, 5 Real-Life Math Investigations That Will Astound Students
Michael Fenton, Imagine: Wikipedia for Mathematics Assessment Questions

Dan Meyer, Math Curriculum Makeover
Steven Leinwand, Glimpses of Instructional Excellence

Phil Daro, Common Core Standards: What is the Difference?
Marty Bonsangue, Surprising Problems for Those Not Easily Surprised

Sheldon Erickson, Conceptual Algebra: Teach More, Better, Faster
Harold Jacobs, Mathematical Snapshots of 2010

Michael Serra, Investigations in Geometry for 2010

Various, incl. yrs trly, Ignite


Jo Boaler, The Psychological Prisons From Which They Never Escape? How School Mathematics Shapes Children’s Lives. (Keynote)

And, yeah, I can’t freaking believe they counter-programmed me against Steve Leinwand, who has never disappointed whenever he’s turned up on my conference schedule. If you’re flipping a coin between the two of us, watch this and pick Steve. On the off chance I start boring myself, I’ll see you there.

7 Responses to “CMC-North: Session Line-Up!”

  1. on 28 Nov 2010 at 11:49 amSue VanHattum

    I have never gone to this, because the timing is so bad. I see it’s only 2 hours from here. Anyone near Richmond/Berkeley going for just Saturday, and want to drive me there? I’d really like to shake Harold Jacobs’ hand. (And meet you in person, Dan.) So tempting…

  2. on 28 Nov 2010 at 8:24 pm@thescamdog

    That’s a pretty solid lineup. Our local conferences have been a bit disappointing lately.

    I like that you list a backup for your own session. Leinwand was in Edmonton a few times in the past year. His stuff is fantastic. Unfortunate that you ended up with the same time slot because I imagine they will be two of the most interesting sessions.

    I’d be really interested in hearing what the five real-life astounding investigations are.

  3. on 29 Nov 2010 at 6:00 pmDan Meyer
    John: I’d be really interested in hearing what the five real-life astounding investigations are.

    Any luck, I’ll put out a recap post and let you know.

  4. on 29 Nov 2010 at 8:35 pmAlex

    Thanks for the heads up on your schedule, and also on the rec to go see Steve. I was at your Classroom 2.0 session so I’m going to check him out. Otherwise I’d have joined you walking out of your session when we both got bored :)

    Keep up the good stuff Dan, it is much appreciated.

  5. on 04 Dec 2010 at 6:46 pmSumita

    You were missed. Sorry about the death in your family.

  6. on 04 Dec 2010 at 7:19 pmAlex Eckert

    My condolences :(

  7. on 11 Dec 2010 at 12:11 pmTim Erickson

    We missed you, especially at the ignite session. So sorry to hear about your loss.