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[link to his report]

An appreciation by Simon Job:

In his Annual Report for 2008, Ben Wildeboer presented a lot of information with clarity, showing a keen eye for design. Each slide presents more than one set of data, yet this is achieved without overcrowding. The Photographs slide, for example, effectively uses bubbles to show not only the location of the photos, but the number at that location. The Running slide was particularly engaging, so much to look at. I really like how the background has been used as part of the data presented.

2 Responses to “My Annual Report Contest II, Third Place: Ben Wildeboer”

  1. on 06 Feb 2009 at 4:15 pmA. Mercer

    My favorite slide is still the map showing how far he had run. Lovely work, nice use of wash-out effect on photo backgrounds.

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