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  1. That video is creepy/surreal in its own way. So based on this video, there are no popular males in MySpace?

    I’m going to go tape mine right now…

  2. I’m going to record one of these just in case someone tries to snag my pictures…. better safe than sorry!

  3. Okay, I have waited patiently all day for someone to tell me what this is about. The hint didn’t help me. I am out of the loop, living on Planet Claire. Throw me a bone.

  4. So, if I could distinguish black from blue, I wouldn’t look so stupid… thanks for the rescue, Kate.

  5. I’m glad to know MySpace has a way to take care of the problem. I was pleased, last year, to find they had a link to report fake teacher pages when one of our staff showed up on what was obviously a fake page.