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Later, suckers!

I’m leaving you people, leaving the continental U.S. for eight days, and leaving my laptop behind. What happens next is weird for me, but for the first time in this blog’s loooong history (happy first birthday, little dude) I’m giving the house keys and alarm code to a guest blogger.

I’ve known this guy for a while and he’s just begun student teaching. He’s outspoken, irascible, passionate (though rarely in the direction I’d choose), and, on occasion, a world-class d-bag getting high off his own product. In other words, he oughtta fit the program I’m running here like a glove.

He starts tomorrow. Depending on how this guest blogging thing works out, we’ll either try it again sometime or never ever speak of it again.

One Response to “Later, suckers!”

  1. on 19 Jan 2008 at 4:34 pmNancy

    Where are you going and how did you get time off in the middle of January? I’m envious.